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SolutionWorks Google Ads - Storm Chasing

Proposal presented by: 704 Web Services

Google Ads Management

We Have a deep understanding of the optimization process, using Google Ads and Analytics data to maximize ROI. All Google Ads resources will be used as needed, including bid optimization, mobile vs. PC optimization, time of day, day of week, geo-targeting, ad performance, ad delivery strategy and other key metrics. KPIs and other performance data are extracted for campaign reports and meetings and are used to drive ongoing performance improvements.

Google Ads Management Tasks

Google Ads is complex, requiring considerable experience and technical skill to manage successfully. We take a comprehensive approach to Google Ads management, optimizing each component to ensure maximum performance. We then closely monitor the campaign to catch performance drifts and performance fine-tuning.

Initial Account Creation

Includes configuring the campaign settings, building AdGroups, creating ads, keyword research and adding keywords, location targeting, delivery schedules, mobile vs. PC adjustments, etc. This builds the initial environment to launch the campaign and to begin generating clicks.

Conversion Tracking

Installation of Google Ads conversion tracking code to provide the data needed to optimize Google Ads and determine an advertising ROI.

Negative Key Words

Creation of a negative keyword list, enduring that the wrong keywords are not used.

Search Phrases

Addition of new search phrases based on what is and is not already successful.

Keyword Bid Adjustment

Keyword bid adjustments based on the performance of each individual keyword.

Ad Adjustments

Ad adjustments based on the performance of each individual ad. Replacing low-performance ads with new versions similar to high-performing ads.

Bid Adjustment

• Adjusting bids for the time of day and day of week that ads are displayed. • Adjusting bids for the type of device being used: PC vs. Mobile vs. Tablet. • Adjusting bids based on geotargeting (Zip, City, State, Country).


We are responsible for identifying target keywords that are inclined to produce sales. Along with keyword identification, high-performance ads are crafted and tested. We are responsible for creating ad and keyword content that will interest consumers and maximize click-through Rates and Sales.

Our Process

Our Google Ads management process begins with interviewing our clients and reviewing their website to learn their industry, interests, and goals. We then construct the Google Ads campaign. Once the campaign goes live and performance data is received, our team uses data on an ongoing basis to optimize the campaign and maximize ROI.

Our Management

While many Google Ads management companies use software to automatically manage campaigns, we manually manage Google Ads. Our Google Ads management professionals work directly within the Google Ads accounts, making decisions, finding trends, testing, interpreting data and collaborating directly with Google. Google Ads management software creates lazy campaign managers that rely on software to control accounts. Humans are still better at managing Google Ads than software, so our process ensures higher-level performance, fewer mistakes, and improved communications.


Estimated Timeline:

30-60 Days

Initial Account Creation
1 Week
Start Call-Only Ads
1-2 Weeks
Build Landing Page
1 Week
Start Landing Page Ads
1-2 Weeks
Monitor and Optimize Campaigns
30-60 Days

Your Investment

Monthly Management Cost: 15% of Budget (Minimum Service fee: $300/month)

Campaign and Landing Page Set-up

Total: $400

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If you would like to join us and become a client then we’d be delighted to have you.

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