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Google Ads PPC Onboarding

    Product/Service Targeting Priorities: We would like to understand which services and/or products you would like to target, or would like not to target. Please elaborate as it is important for us to understand what your priorities are, and what services/products you would like to focus on in the campaign. Keep the most critical products and services at the top of your list and feel free to write as much information as needed.

    Keyword Targeting Priorities: We would like to understand what search phrases (keywords) are important to you. Please provide a list of keywords that represent keywords that you feel are critical for your campaign. We will complete our own keyword discovery process, but we would like to understand your priorities and ideas. Keep the most critical keyword ideas toward the top of your list.

    General Comments: Additional comments that could help your Google Ads management team execute services are warmly welcomed. For example, unique selling points, special promotions, guarantees, or other instructions of interest.

    Landing Page Setup: We will be creating a landing page for your ads that will have a local tracking phone number on it that will forward the calls to you. This will allow us to track who is contacting you through our ads. The landing page will also have a contact form on it where the responses will be emailed to you.